Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Cooler Weather

Friday night we headed to Temple to see Matt’s family and celebrate Grant’s 8th birthday.  We almost didn’t make it thanks to a sweet little boy who had pink eye in both eyes and a double ear infection.  But he’s a trooper and barely even batted an eye at his various ailments. It was a short trip and we headed home ready to enjoy the cooler weather!

Oh fall… I’ve been waiting for you for five months now.  I know it isn’t officially fall yet but on Sunday we were able to sit outside in the middle of the afternoon and not sweat!  Let me just say I am definitely not a southern girl who “glistens” and I dread the Texas heat more than I can possibly explain so the first sign of relief and cooler weather is a big deal for me! Matt and I even set the alarm for 6:30 Saturday morning (yes, I know we’re crazy) so we could sit out back and have coffee date while the weather was cool (a beautiful 63 degrees) and the kids were still sleeping.  With two little ones and no family close by to babysit, we take “date time” whenever we can get it! 

We tried to have a little photo shoot in the backyard.  I need a new picture for my desk at work.

We spent hours cleaning out both kids’ closets to make room for fall clothes. I’m ashamed to admit this but Avery’s closet was such a mess you could hardly even see the floor.   I still had baby clothes hanging up in the back!! Oh how I wish I was more organized.  After a very productive morning I trashed my “to-do” list and we played outside for hours.  Avery played in her little splash pad, Asher loved lounging in the swing and we grilled burgers and just enjoyed each other’s company.  It was perfect.  Just perfect.  

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