Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bath time

When this guy is happy, he is oh so happy.  He has a contagious grin and sparkling blue eyes.  He has a silly little laugh and awesome dimples.  When he is happy he lets us know. 

He is a daredevil and loves to rough-house (as much as a baby can).   Splashing in the bath is definitely a top 10 favorite thing. For the past few weeks he’s been trying to crawl out of the little whale tub so I figured we’d give the big bath a try.  We've had a couple underwater experiences but he loves it.  When I turn on the water he gets all twitchy and squeaky, he can’t wait to get in (seeing his bottle has a similar effect). 

And as much has he loves the freedom to splash and play with the big kid toys, I know a certain little girl loves it too.  She shares all of her toys with him.  Tries to help wash his hair and tears up when it’s time to get out.  Yup, bath time is pure joy at our house. 

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