Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What I'm Thankful for

(in no particular order)

My sweet daughter
My love for her, well, there are no words. I shower a little faster, I wear less makeup, my clothes might not match all because I want to rush to play with her.  There is no greater joy in my day than seeing her beautiful smiling face.

My loving husband
God blessed me more than I could have ever imagined when he gave me Matt.  He is my rock, my strength, my sanity when I'm lost, my friend when I'm lonely and so much more.  I love you babe!

Our loving God
My faith and trust in Him always gets me through the day.  There is no problem in my life to big for Him, no obstacle I can't overcome through Him, no miracle that is possible without Him. 

My parents
I would not be who I am without the guidance, patience and love of my parents. They are the reason I wanted to get married.   I know their marriage isn't always perfect but they are perfect for each other.  They have always supported me and I miss them everyday.  

(sorry mom, I know you don't like this picture but it is the only one I have of the two of you!)

My beautiful sister
I miss my sister/best friend so much.  I think know we drive each other crazy sometimes but she is and always will be my best friend, no matter what.  We've had so many memorable/crazy/fun experiences together.  I love the laughing fits we get into.   I love that she will always be there... always.

My wonderful friends
Because Matt and I were such nomads for a few years after we graduated, we lost touch with many of our college friends.  Luckily, I am very blessed to have a couple of friends that I have known since kindergarten.  We were in girl scouts together, we lived in the same neighborhood, our parents were friends, we literally went through K-12 together.  Eventhough we don't talk all that often I love these girls and always enjoy it when we do get to catch up. 

Since moving to Dallas, I've been "adopted" by a great group of girls who all have ties to DBU.  They are awesome and I really appreciate them including me in their circle!! Some of us were pregnant together and now our kids are so close in age, it's a blast getting together and having play dates!!

(Just realized I don't have any good pictures of my girls friends, I'll have to work on this!!)

My job
Anyone that knows me AT ALL is probably very surprised that I am thankful for my job.  It's a hard job.  It is a thankless job.  It is a demanding job.  BUT, it is a job and I know I am getting great experience by working there.  I have faith that God has a plan and that He hasn't put me there to torture me, I know there is a reason I'm at TranSystems... I'm just not quite sure what that reason is!!!

My puppy, Cash
He is certainly a handful but his sweet face makes me smile everyday.  He always manages to do something cute when I'm so frustrated with him, it's impossible to stay mad at him!! I can't wait until Avery is older, I know these two will be best buds!!

I am thankful for so much more but I need to start packing for our trip to Temple!! Time for turkey day, football and shopping!!!

"Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever."
Psalm 107:1


  1. Love this post! So thankful you are my friend! You fit right in to our little "circle". :) Enjoy your time with family!

  2. Very cute post! We love yall and are so thankful yall are here! Happy thanksgiving!

  3. Such a wonderful post! We all have so much to be thankful for. I am so thankful for what you mean to me, what Matt means to Ryan, Avery to Gage(although they don't really know it yet) and Cash to BleuBelle and Jeter :) LOVE YOU!

  4. Cute cute Linds. Hope you guys have a fun/safe trip down to Temple!