Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend Fun

The weather was so beautiful this weekend, I'm really enjoying these great fall temps!! We finally had a semi-relaxing weekend.  Friday night we hung out at home.  Didn't do a thing and it was great!! Avery and Cash played together in the backyard (their new favorite thing)!  It is so cute, she just sits there on her blanket and plays with toys while Cash chews on his bone.  He gets as close as we'll let him, I think he would practically lay on top of her if we let him!!  I don't have any pictures of them playing but I had to snap a few in this adorable outfit before my little chunky monkey outgrows it!! 

Saturday was my birthday and Matt made the day so special!! He got up and brought Avery in to wake me up and sing happy birthday and then made breakfast.  That afternoon Matt had to work so we went up to DBU and watched the soccer game and enjoyed the beautiful day.  That night, Matt took me to dinner at Carrabbas. I love Italian food.  I love garlic.  I love pasta.  I love wine (haha, like anyone who  knows me doesn't know that!!!).  We had a great dinner.

Me and my sweet little girl

Sunday morning we took Cash to the dog park.  It was actually kind of chilly that morning, Avery got all bundled up and he headed out.

That evening we went to the Trapps' to watch the Rangers game and take the kiddos trick-or-treating.  It's so fun to have a group of friends with kids around the same age!!  Unfortunately I didn't get any good pictures, maybe next year.

On another note, you will notice that Avery is not smiling in a single picture.  The last couple of weeks we've had a hard time getting her to take good naps during the weekend.  This is a bad thing because this little girl needs a ton of sleep, just like her momma!! If she doesn't nap 3-4 hours she's a mess by late afternoon.  I guess we need to put her on a nap schedule, I can't take anymore of these pouty faces, I miss her little smile.

Hope you had a great weekend and a happy halloween!

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  1. That Avery is just adorable! So glad your weekend was wonderful..and I'm glad I got to spend part of it with you!! :)