Sunday, November 14, 2010

Itsy Bitsy Avery

We had our family Christmas / Avery's six month pictures taken today.  The photographer was great and already posted a sneak peak on her blog.  Here are a few... LOVE THEM!!!! 

Avery did pretty good during the photo shoot.  I think she was a little overwhelmed, we got a bunch of grins the first ten minutes or so and then she was done smiling.  The photographer took a lot of the pictures in this great field but about half way through I realized Avery had never sat in the grass before!! I always put her on a blanket when we sit in the backyard.  She was fascinated by the grass.  We could not get her to look up!  Matt was jumping up and down, I was clapping and making every silly noise imaginable but she was completely fixated on the grass!! Silly girl. 

Persistence paid off and she snapped a few when we finally got Avery to look up.  Thanks Brooke, they turned out great!!!!


  1. I've looked at these like a billion times, they are just so great! :) Brooke told me a funny story about Matt posing for the pics, she said she had a lot of fun with y'all! :) VERY cute little family! :)

  2. She is just too cute! I've loved seeing her grow up these past few months! LOVE the tutu :)