Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Just Playing Around

So, I was bored tonight, which, BTW, is very uncommon these days! Anyway, I've always wanted to enhance some of the pictures I've taken of Avery but never had the time or money to buy and use photoshop or other photo editing software.  So, I signed up for picasa and it is so easy!! If you have a blogger account, you can link your two accounts and it automatically finds all pictures on your blog.  You can then edit the exposure, color, sharpness, add frames, text, etc. 

Here is one of the originals before editing.  I didn't save the originals of the ones above but they looked similar to this one... very dark. 

Well, if I find myself bored anytime in the near future (LOL) maybe I'll try to edit a few more, I just love taking pictures of this little girl!!


  1. way to go linz!! Avery looks super cute in these pics! love those big eyes!!! :)

  2. So proud of your skills!! I'm obsessed with taking pictures of Gage too!! :)