Friday, September 6, 2013

Blog Linkup Clothes Sale

I'm linking up a few items with Lamberts Lately.  All items include shipping and are in excellent condition. Thanks for looking!

3T smocked crab dress. Perfect for the beach! Like new condition. $15 shipped SOLD

2T Gap Dress. Also cute with leggings and a cardigan when they get older!  $8 shipped. 

3T Stellybelly Flower Smocked Dress. $15 shipped. Like new condition. Perfect for Easter!SOLD

Size 4 Matilda Jane Top. $19 Shipped. Excellent Condition.  SOLD

3T Southern Sunshine Kids Smocked Christmas Dress. $15 shipped. Like new condition. SOLD

3T Southern Sunshine Kids Christmas Smocked Dress. Excellent Condition. $15 shipped SOLD

4T Stellybelly Strawberry Smocked Dress. $15 shipped. Like new condition.SOLD

Size T5 Brown Toms.  Good condition.  Some wear.  $15 shipped


  1. I would like to purchase the size 4 Matilda Jane Top for $19.00 paypal is

  2. I would like the two Christmas smocked dresses and the strawberry smocked dress. Would you take $40 for all 3? If so, my paypal is Thanks!

  3. i'm so sad i was too late for all of these! cute, cute things!! :)

  4. Hi Amy! I added a few more items that were stuck in my (napping) daughter's closet when I posted this afternoon!

  5. Can I get the Easter and crab smocked too you can ship them all together

  6. I am interested in the TOMS! Would you send me the sole measurements? Thanks so much!

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