Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wrapping Up Summer

My least favorite time of the year (in Texas) is here again.  August and September are rough.  I'm so ready for fall weather but the upper 90's seem to be here to stay.  We've been stuck inside a lot the past few weeks but these two goofballs manage to keep us entertained.

Asher loves this toy.  It is the loudest, most obnoxious thing but it will actually keep his attention for more than 10 minutes so I have grown to love it too :)

Avery's really into jumping right now.  On the couch, off her bed, off chairs (outside), off the slide.  You name it, she likes to jump on it.  

I love that Asher is old enough for living room picnics.  We love popping popcorn, laying down the biggest blanket and putting in a Disney movie.  

This guy is always greeted with shrieks and hugs when he walks in the door.  

We've gotten a TON of use out of this pool.  Asher loves to stick his whole head under water and blow bubbles. 

And of course, Avery loves to jump! 

A lazy day...

wouldn't be complete without a visit from the Brimberrys.

And a little snuggle time with daddy. 

All ready for church! 

I had Asher's attention for about .5 seconds.  

Sweet kisses from sister help though :) 

Usually when the house is quiet it means trouble.  Instead, I found them cuddling together in Avery's bed watching a cartoon.  

Brownies on the patio are a must.  Avery loves helping me bake... and licking the bowl!

 If this isn't evidence that Asher is Matt's son, I don't know what is.  What is it about the men in my life trying to climb and fold their bodies into small spaces?

We took him out but he just crawled right back in :) 

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