Friday, September 6, 2013

First Day of Preschool

Well, we survived our first day of preschool! The kids are attending (and I'm teaching) SonShine Club at our church one day a week.  For Avery, it is preschool. For Asher's class, it's more just play time.

It was so strange packing lunches for the kids.  It just made them seem so grown up! They were both really excited about their lunchboxes and wanted to carry them around all morning.

I'm so excited for them to learn and make friends this year.  Avery has two of her best friends in her class, Harper and Averie Joy so she was ecstatic to see them at school!

Love these little munchkins so much! Yesterday was one of those 'I'm so glad I'm home with them and not sending them to daycare 50 hours a week' days.  It was exhausting teaching but I loved being there and getting to see them.  Once they had their naps (neither one napped at school) they were both in such good moods and it was so obvious they had both had fun! 

Why do my kids look SO grown up?!?!

Here is Asher at 17 months, looking much, much older.  

And Avery Lynn, three years old, looking like she's ready to start kinder! 

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