Monday, September 23, 2013

Meet Eli!

We have a new baby living at our house!

He is six months old, 60 lbs, clumsy as can be, full of kisses and lovin.

Since we had to put Cash down Avery has been telling me, daily, how sad she is and how much she misses him.  She made up a song about Cashy Boy being in dog heaven and was just missing having a dog.  Our house just felt empty.  I have to admit I was, and still am, very skeptical about having a puppy with two small children.  He is very sweet and Avery already loves him.  Thankfully he's pretty mellow... a big teddy bear.

He does knock Asher over about 20 times a day though.

It's going to take some adjusting. And a whole lot of patience.

But I'm so glad we have a dog at our house again!

Eli had been living outside all the time and smelled really bad so the first thing we did when he got home was give him a bath.

Um, yeah, Asher immediately stuck his whole face in the water bowl.  Two months without a water bowl sitting around and he forgot everything we taught him. :(

All clean and smelling so good!

Eli is a little lazy and loves lounging... he loves his new bed :)

So do the kids!

Welcome home, sweet boy. We're so excited you're part of our family! (please just stop tackling my kids)

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  1. What a beautiful dog. I'm happy you all found a wonderful new addition to your family. :)