Saturday, October 23, 2010


Yes, I am sitting at home blogging on a Saturday night.  I know, I know, what an exciting life I lead!! Actually, we did have really fun plans tonight but someone (Avery) was a bit of a party-pooper.  My friend Melissa had us over for a pumpkin party and we all got our kiddos dressed up in their Halloween costumes.  Fun, right?? Apparently not.  Avery did NOT appreciate the two wardrobe changes in less than an hour.  Oh well, we had a good time anyway and it was so fun to see all of these adorable babies dressed in their Halloween costumes!

Here are all of the kids before we got their outfits on.  Whew, it is hard work trying to get five babies and one toddler to sit still and look at the camera!! 

We got five of the six dressed and I have to say, these are some of the cutest little babies ever!! Brenley in her hula girl outfit, Tatum is mini mouse, Gage (the only boy!) is a tiger, Avery the bunny and Kennedy the cowgirl!! Love these sweet babies!

 We lost Kennedy...

Notice the puffy, red eyes.  She was not a happy bunny :(

Sweet little Brenley looked ADORABLE!   This picture cracks me up because Bren looks like it's the middle of summer and Avery looks like she's ready for a blizzard.  Luckily it the temperature was in the low 70's.

Here are a few pictures of my sweet little bunny before the party.  She hardly napped at all today so I dressed her up before we left... I had a feeling we may not get a good picture at Melissa's. 


  1. Oh my goodness so stinkin cute! I like how Brenley is just playing with the flowers for most of the pictures and Gage is just chillin' with his ladies. These are some cute cute kiddos!! Love you!

  2. SO CUTE! Thanks for getting this up already! Avery was so cute even though she was a sad bunny! :) Good to see you tonight!

  3. How about she is the cutest pink little bunny EVER! :) Ao glad we got to see ya, and we TOTALLY understand having to go early, we've had a few nights of those ourselves! WAY more parties to come!

  4. She is the cutest little bunny i have ever seen. So sad we missed all the fun!