Tuesday, October 19, 2010


There is nothing better than coming home to this sweet little face.

The last couple weeks have been really hectic and busy.  I've been pretty frustrated at work and some days it just seems like nothing is going my way. 

But then I come home and get to play with this sweet little girl.   She just lights up my life and I love, love, love being a mom.  I never imagined there could be something so rewarding and joyous as seeing happiness and excitement on your child's face. 

Tonight I didn't do laundry, I didn't clean the kitchen, I didn't put away Avery's clothes, I didn't even eat dinner.  But I did play with Avery.  For two hours, we just played, I feel like I accomplished more tonight than I normally do even though I didn't really "accomplish" anything. 

I just love this little girl to the moon and back. 

Avery talking

Avery drooling

 Avery laughing

 Avery playing

Avery and Cash


  1. Oh i love this! I love that you didn't do any house duties and just loved on yout little girl, you need that! :) Can't wait to see y'all this weekend! :)

  2. She is so sweet and I love when you write about her. It's so sweet! She looks a lot like you :)

  3. So fun! Love the pic of Cash with his head on Avery's lap...adorable!!