Sunday, October 10, 2010

Weekend Fun

Wow, we had a busy great weekend!! Friday night, Matt and I had a date night. We went to dinner at Outback and forced ourselves to talk about something other than Avery for an hour! It was great to have time to just be adults and husband/wife.  We came home that evening, packed our bags and picked up Avery from the sitter and headed to Temple to see family and friends.

Avery and I spent Saturday morning hanging out with Grandmother.  It was such a beautiful day, we had a great time sitting outside, enjoying the weather.

Pretty girl all ready for the birthday party!

That afternoon, we headed over to the Russells' to spend some time with a special little one-year old.  Benjamin is such a cutie and had a great time eating his cake!



Avery was  oblivious  and slept most of the afternoon.  She was so content snuggling with Nana Kay. 

Granddaddy teaching Avery to walk :)

Avery woke up in a great mood this morning, she is such a happy baby after a good night's sleep.  She was having a great time playing with her toys.  Actually, she really just loves being naked!!!

We ended the weekend with dinner at the Erwin's house.  Avery and Gage are just adorable together! They were so cute holding hands and playing.  

I love this picture, Kristy and I are oblivious to the fact that our little kiddos are talking to each other instead of smiling for the camera! ha!!!

Ok, I'm off to bed... these two are already fast asleep, it's time to join them!


  1. What a wonderful weekend! We loved getting to see y'all yesterday and the photo shoot of the kids was so fun!!!

  2. FUN post linz! I want to see that lil Avery soon, AND YOU! :) She is one beautiful little lady!