Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Working from home

One of the benefits of sending Avery to a home daycare is that sometimes our sitter takes a personal day which means I get to stay home with Avery and Cash!!  Just a few reasons why I love working from home:

I get to be with Avery all day
I get to sleep in almost an hour later than normal
My commute is 10 steps instead of 25 miles
I get to be with Avery all day
My coffee is SO much better than the crap at the office
If I don't want to shower in the morning, I don't have to!!
Sweats and tennis shoes are so much more comfy than heels!
I get to be with Avery all day
If I'm lucky enough, the weather is nice and I can sit on the back porch and work

I could go on and on but instead, here are a few cute pictures of Avery and Cash playing in the backyard.


  1. I am with ya girl, working from home is the best! Those pics are SO cute of Avery and Cash! He seems so calm with her just sitting and watching her play! Glad you enjoyed your day! Missed you tonight!

  2. SO CUTE!! And I love the bow.


  3. The hairbow is off the chart. Avery's cuteness is above and beyond. Cash is darling. And I have just one more thing to say: do you still work at the same place? Because, it just doesn't sound like the hell hole I left. Seriously, I am SOOOOOOOOO proud of you taking control of YOUR life and enjoying YOUR special moments with YOUR awesome and wonderful family. You totally deserve it. If there is one thing I miss about substitute teaching, it's picking the days I wanted to work and enjoying the days of wearing pajamas all day if I wanted to say home.