Friday, January 7, 2011

Eight Months

Sweet little girl, you bring so much joy to our lives, I never imagined I could love you this much.  Everyday I think about how much I love this age.  It's funny, I feel that way every month and I'm sad that you are growing up so quickly but each new stage is even more fun than the last. This past month was a big month for you!  You started crawling, you are pulling up on everything, you had your first Christmas and your first roadtrip! PHEW!! It's been a busy month!!

I've been saying for awhile now that I really wanted you to crawl before we left for Colorado. Even though I wasn't personally ready for you to accomplish this milestone I knew everyone would love to see you crawl.  I was shocked when two days before we left your daddy called me at work to tell me you had just out of the blue decided to crawl across your bedroom floor to get to the pink plastic hanger you had your eye on!! After that it didn't take you long to figure out the advantages of being mobile!!   You are such a funny little crawler, you breathe so hard so we always know if you are coming around the corner.  You also enjoy crawling after Cash but for now he's a little quicker than you :).  When you get where you are headed (usually to me or your daddy) you usually try to pull up.  You can't quite get on your feet yet but you can on your knees so I don't think it will be long.

We had such a great trip to Colorado.  You got to meet some of mommy's friends and their babies and hang out with the Nelson clan. I'm so thankful that you do well on a schedule but it doesn't through you off too bad if we don't stick to it.  I think you missed at least one nap probably half of the days we were home but you were having so much fun you didn't mind too much.

You are still drinking four 6-ounce bottles a day and having a fruit/veggie for lunch and fruit/veggie mixed with whole grain cereal for dinner.  You refuse to hold your bottle or feed yourself though!! It is so funny, you are our little bird.  You just sit there with your hands by your side and open your mouth as wide as possible.  I'm starting to wonder if you will ever feed yourself!!!

You've (kind of) learned to wave!! It is the cutest thing!! Sometimes when we wave at you, you will wave back!! It makes me laugh because your wave looks like it is in slow motion and you stare at your hand the whole time!!  Sometimes you'll do it when you're playing by yourself.  Cracks me up every time!!! I've also discovered that you are a ticklish little monkey!

Unfortunately you've spent the majority of the month with a little cold (runny nose and cough).  I feel so bad, your little nose runs constantly but I can't handle how upset you get when you see the nasal aspirator so we just wipe it and give you saline spray if you'll hold still long enough.  You have a second tooth that is about to break through on the bottom with isn't helping matters either.

Ok little monkey, you are sitting in the living room with daddy watching the Cotton Bowl and it is way past your bed time...

I love you so much little girl.  I am so thankful that God has blessed us with such an amazing daughter.

Love you!!


PS - You haven't been feeling well all week so sadly a picture you smiling seems to be out of the question today.

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