Friday, January 14, 2011

This is Me

I have a confession... I'm a bit of a blog stalker.  I just love reading about other people who are in the same stage of life I'm in or have a God-given talent.  Some of the crafting projects posted amaze me, these girls are so talented!!!

I try not to spend too much time in blogland, I have special people in my life who are so much more important than blogger but sometimes I get drawn in.  Anyway, before I get too  far off track, I wanted to share with you (the 10's of people that read by blog everyday) a really great post I read today.  My friend Kim follows this blog called Little Miss Momma.  I love her!! She is amazing with words, has a great eye for photography and makes me laugh!!  So, I've started reading Little Miss Momma's posts and this one almost brought me to tears.  Here is an excerpt of the post that I KNOW I could not have said any better...

Since I was 12 years old,
there have always been things I wish I could change about myself.
About my looks,
my body,
my intelligence,
my personality,
my patience.

Nothing too serious,
just always nagging in the back of my mind.

"Why can't I be as smart as her"
"Why can't I pull that look off like her"
"Why can't my hair look like that"
"Why can't I have her legs"
"Why can't I have those abs"
"Why can't mine be that perky"

And sadly, most of those insecurities had to do with physical appearance, as I imagine is the case for most teenage girls.

But then, not too long ago,
everything changed.
I had a baby.
And that baby changed my perspective.
Made me look at the world differently.
Made me look at my body differently.
Made me appreciate it's power,
rather than focus on what I perceived to be flaws.

The thinning patches of hair represent the nights I lay awake pulling while I worried about little guy (girl) and his (her) sleep condition--because when you love someone, you worry about them.

The stretch marks on my stomach represent the miracle that I brought into this world.

The scar below my chest (on my neck) represents my very brief cancer (blood clot) scare, and my appreciation for life.

The love handles on my back represent the times I chose to enjoy ice cream with my family.

My diminishing golden tan represents my need to be healthy for my family, rather than my need for tan lines.

My recycled wardrobe represents enjoying buying for my little one more than buying for myself.

The new me is living with cellulite--trust me its there, lots of it.
The new me does NOT have her pre-baby body back.
The new me will not be caught dead in a bathing suit.
But the new me is blissfully happy!

The new me has learned to embrace my insecurities.

It's funny, earlier today I was at lunch with a friend talking about these very same things.  Motherhood is definitely a full-time, 24-hour a day job but we wouldn't trade it for the world.  One of God's greatest gifts to the world was mothers.  I say this because I love my mom so incredibly much and know so many incredible mothers, not because of my own mothering skills.  Maybe I'll get there one day :)

Thanks Little Miss Momma for putting my thoughts into words!

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  1. Glad you found her blog on my page. I love it! I just started reading right at the first of the year. She is so funny and so true! Miss you girl!