Sunday, January 16, 2011

Favorite Things

I love that Avery is starting to discover her "favorite" things!!  She definitely has favorite toys, favorite foods, favorite games and right now, I can't ever imagine forgetting her favorites because Matt and talk about them all the time but I know someday I might not remember as clearly as I do right now.  So...

Avery's favorite food... anything except avocados!! She loves to eat! For some reason it's always a struggle to get her strapped into her highchair (you think she would associate highchair with food) but as soon as she sees her spoon, she starts kicking and reaching, you'd think the poor thing hadn't been fed in days!!  Recently, we've been trying more table foods. She loves cheddar cheese, cinnamon graham crackers, oatmeal, bread, gerber puffs, and little bites of brownie :)

This is the face she makes as soon as the spoon gets close
 Can't wait any longer....
 mmm... lip smackin good!

Avery's best friend... Cash!  She loves her puppy so much!! When we got home from Colorado she hadn't seen him in over a week.  She squealed and smiled when she finally saw him and followed him around (as best as she could) all night.  I love that we have a dog I can trust with my baby.  She pulls his hair, pokes his eye, sits on him... you name it and he just loves that he is getting attention.  They follow each other around the house and if one actually decides to sit down for a little bit, the other is usually sitting as close as possible.

These two love to peek out the front window.  Makes my heart happy every time I see this.  

Cash wishes he could play with the kitchen utensils too..

Life just isn't fair... she gets all of the fun toys.  

On their way back from looking out the window.  Avery has to take a few sitting breaks but Cash usually waits for her.  

Hi Cash! I see you out there!!  

Her favorite toy(s)... purses and shoes!!! Her ultimate favorite seems to be my diaper bag.  It amazes me how long she can sit and play with the diaper bag!! If I make the mistake of setting it on the couch instead of the floor she'll sit next to the couch and cry until I give it to her!   When she gets tired of playing with her diaper bag, she will find any shoe, even if she has to crawl to our bedroom to find it and this will keep her occupied for another 15 minutes or so.  So much for all of the great toys sitting in the corner of our living room!! ha!

Okay, that's all for tonight... time to do domestic chores now that little miss is asleep.

PS - yes, I know I still have my Christmas background up and yes I know it's the middle of January.  My sweet friend Ashley is currently working on a new design for my blog.. she is so talented, I can't wait to see it!!  Stay tuned!

Okay, I couldn't resist adding one more picture of her sweet little smiling face...


  1. As an animal-lover and a child that was raised with dogs, Avery is going to have such gratitude towards you and Matt for Cash. They are a blessing and a friend to each other.

  2. Super cute! I can't believe she is getting so big already. What is happening to the time?! Time for another one I guess :)