Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Love at First Sight

Have you ever received a package in the mail and developed an immediate obsession with the contents inside that amazing little box??

I have.

Here's why....


  1. Love all of these!! Precious family!

  2. What beautiful photos!!!! I can see why it was love at first sight...she's so precious! :)

  3. beautiful Linds! Love her little attitude!

  4. Ok, for some reason, I can't comment on the post I want to comment on - the COLORADO post! I'm going to be selfish and say NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! TERRIBLE IDEA!!!!!! I realize we NEVER see each other, but if you move, the OPTION goes away! Hah!- I know, your decision is solely based on what I think. :)

    As much as I would love you to STAY and hang out with me once we move closer to you, I will say, if you decided to go for it, I would back you 100%. It IS hard to be here. So far from home. Hard to make new friends. Family far away. HOT. On and on. The first couple years I lived here, I kept thinking we'd move back. It never really crossed my mind that we would LIVE here. I found myself not wanting to meet people because I thought, what's the point? If we're going to move, why would I want to make friends here? Well, then one day, I came to the realization that I need to get rid of the "living out of my suitcase" thinking and decided to embrace this Dallas life. This is not me giving you advice, I'm just telling you about my situation which is completely different from yours. But I guess what I'm saying is, I know how you feel. I'm far from home, too. In this place in the middle of this big state that everyone thinks is All That. It's hard dangit! Then, when I go home and see all of my old friends still close and hanging out, I feel sad! Oh dang. I just got homesick. :(

    Well, I hope you get to move. I hope you get to be happy!! BUT, if you have to stay here and be here for awhile - a year, 5 years...whatever that may be... I'll be living closer to you in a few months, so we need to get together a lot and have play dates with our girls!

    OK, this should have been an email and not a comment.:)