Monday, January 30, 2012

Colorado Part One - Sledding

Avery and I left DFW bright and early Thursday morning, I was nervous to fly alone with a toddler while six months pregnant but I knew if I showed up in Colorado without the granddaughter it wouldn’t be good J.  Thankfully the flight to Denver is a short one. She did pretty well… Actually, she was exactly like I would expect a 20-month old toddler to be. Curious, energetic, nervous.  Unfortunately the man sitting next to us didn’t seem to appreciate these traits.  I was very happy to hear the landing gear and touch down at DIA after the two hour flight.  We got our bags packed in my mom’s car and I just had to thank them for arranging a typical Colorado day for us.  Deep blue skies, crisp cool air, and majestic mountains. Oh, it was so good to be home.

Thursday was very low-key.  We got to my parents’ house, ate lunch and then all four of us took a nap. Once we were well rested, Avery, my mom and I headed to the hospital to visit my Grandma.  She is almost 93 and still doing great but Avery was a little scared of her. I think the hospital in general was just overwhelming.  Finally she warmed up and Grandma even got a hug good-bye!

My dad picked up Matt Thursday evening, getting those two together is usually trouble J

Friday morning we drove to Estes Park and met up with Stef and Brian.  We grabbed lunch and headed into Rocky Mountain National Park to go sledding at Hidden Valley.  As soon as we entered the park the guys spotted these Elk 100 feet from the road.  The weather changed quickly when we got into the Park and by the time we reached Hidden Valley it was snowing sideways. Perfect sledding weather! We got Avery all bundled up, grabbed our sleds and headed out.  It was pretty chilly and I have to admit, trekking up a (small) hill at 9,400 ft while pregnant had me breathing pretty hard but we had fun. 

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