Wednesday, August 10, 2011

15 Month Update

I've missed doing these monthly updates since Avery turned one but I can't keep doing them for the rest of her life. ha! So I'm thinking every three months until she's two will be a good compromise for me :)

Baby girl,

You've changed SO much since your first birthday.  Some days it feels like you are learning new things each day and I can't even keep up with all of the ideas you have, words you understand and "Averyisms" that make you you. 

You rarely walk anywhere... running is definitely the preferred method of transportation... or mommy's arms.  You still love to eat and sometimes I wonder if you will ever get full. ha!! All kidding aside, I'm so glad you are a good eater and enjoy healthy fruits, veggies, fish and whole grains. I still think that one day you and I will have a great time cooking together.

You know so many words... mama, dada, dog, belly-button, nose, sit-down, bird, night-night, bye-bye, drink, sip, bite, kisses, outside etc.  It just amazes me.  You aren't saying much yet, but I know you understand more than we realize.

You are such an observer.  Time to think about each action and move we make.  You are always imitating things we do, from putting the keys in the car ignition to trying to put on your bib, you don't miss a thing. 

You still love bath time but hate the pool.  In the bath you try to drink the bath water and splash as hard as possible.  This often ends in BOTH of us getting a bath and laughing hysterically the whole time.

You love being outside, this ridiculous heat has been torturous for you.  Every time I open the door to let Cash out you make a mad dash for the door and let me know your displeasure when I close it behind him.

Your facial expressions crack me up.  You have a naturally pouty face and don't have any problems giving just about everyone (including mommy and daddy) the "stink eye".  See below...

You love to read books but only if you can sit in my lap.  You back your little butt up until you are in the perfect lap-sitting position and then plop down.  Makes me laugh every time. 

We had your 15 month check up last Friday morning and you are doing great!! Doctor says you are developing wonderfully and that you, my dear, are in the 100th percentile for height (33.25 inches) and the 70th percentile for weight (24.4 lb).  You are the size of an average two-year-old.  You seem to have gotten daddy's blue eyes and height.  In fact, you seem to have gotten quite a few traits from him!

Monkey, we love you so much, you light up our days and every evening I can't wait to get home to see you.  You are super busy and full of energy but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Love you so much!


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  1. Awww her hair looks so cute and I LOVE that dress!! She looks so much like Matt! Happy 15mos Avery - we miss you...and you would dominate Kai. You currently weigh more and are only 2in shorter. He needs someone to put him in his place :o)