Monday, August 1, 2011

Colorado Trip Part 1

We spent the last week visiting family and friends in Colorado. It was a great trip that went by way too fast. I uploaded my photos last night and realized I took over 600 pictures in a little more than a week! Way too many pictures and fun stories to cram into one post so I think this will be a two or three part series.

We left Friday afternoon after work. It was nice to get a jump start on the road trip but this forced us to stay the night because there was no way we were going to drive through the night like we did at Christmas time. We figured we’d stop in Dumas (middle-of-nowhere West Texas) and get a small, cheap, clean room. We pulled in around 11pm and found that there must be something exciting going on in Dumas (I cannot even begin to imagine…) and all of the hotels were either full or only had a few rooms left. We ended up paying way too much for a less than appealing room and four hours of “rest”. We were on the road early Saturday morning and arrived at my parents’ house a little after noon. Hurray!! It was so good to be home, to see family and to get out of this miserable heat!

Stef and Brian came down from Fort Collins and we spent the afternoon relaxing and catching up. We tried to take Avery to the little splash area in downtown but she wasn’t interested (you can read about her aversion to water/swimming here). So, we headed home and enjoyed a delicious dinner.

 Sunday was a low-key, relaxing day. We went to visit my grandma in the morning and had lunch with her. It was so good to see her and we managed to get a four generation picture! Avery wasn’t too excited about this. We managed to take the picture before she had a meltdown but it was a rough afternoon. I guess she didn’t sleep well or was adjusting to the change of schedule but this poor little girl crashed hard after lunch. We went in to Boulder to shop and have some frozen yogurt after she caught up on her sleep a bit.

Monday was our six year anniversary!! It is hard for me to believe that Matt and I have been married for more than half a decade!! We have so much fun together and I am so thankful for my husband. Monday was very busy; we left for Estes Park mid-morning and spent most of the day in Rocky Mountain National Park. It was so beautiful up there; I wish we could have stayed longer. We had a nice picnic lunch and then headed up Fall River Road. We were lucky to see a lot of elk and wildlife. We saw this pack of bull elk and of course the guys had to get out for a closer look.

 I just love the views from the top of Fall River Road, you really can’t beat the scenery up there. By the time we reached the visitor center Avery was ready to get out of the car and walk around. She does not like having her hand held but we’re working on it. ;)

Our fun continued Monday evening. My parents took us to the Chophouse in Boulder. We sat outside, chatted and enjoyed a great steak dinner.

 Avery and Grandpa getting ready for dinner...

More to come tomorrow!


  1. Hey Lindsey!! Thanks for your sweet comment! I texturized the paintings with gesso. I did that first, then painted them blue, then sketched the damask print in pencil. Painted them bronze and gold last. Also, I found the fabric at Loft 32 on Etsy. I think she has more and it is pretty reasonable compared to name brands that are out there!! : ) Hope this helps!! Let me know if you have an more questions. You have a beautiful family by the way!

  2. That picture of you three in front of the mountains is AMAZING!