Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Colorado Trip Part III

 I absolutely love going up to my parents' cabin.  It is so peaceful up there, we always have a great time, eat way too much food and just enjoy getting away from the city.

I had a really hard time narrowing down the pictures I wanted to post so there are a ton!! Lots of pictures, not much text this time :)

 We had only been at the cabin for 10 minutes and Avery tripped over the rocking chair and ended up with a nasty little cut above her eye :(

 Playing with her best buddy Cash

 Not so excited about bath time in the sink

 Much happier to be playing with dada


 Shootin' trap

A few cousins, me, Stef, Carly and Rachel

 She really wanted my grandpa's fried chicken!! Poor thing, like she doesn't eat enough. ha!

Reservoir about 20 minutes from the cabin

Hanging with Aunt Stefanie at the reservoir
 We learned that Avery LOVES jeeps and big trucks.  Things may get interesting during her teenage years...

She loved "driving" Brady's truck.  It was a huge struggle to get her out. ha!

 She looks so little in his truck! 

 Matt and the boy.  He looks pretty miserable but he really had a great time :)

 Love her :)

What are sons-in-law for?? Throwing you in a mountain lake, of course!

All of the girls. Seven cousins, three friends and on cousin-in-law (not sure if that is a real thing) :)

 Saturday night we had a pig roast!!

 Hanging out, relaxing, waiting for dinner

Still waiting for dinner. :)

The whole crew

As always, we had a wonderful time.  It went by way too fast and I was definitely not ready to leave.

Until next time....

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  1. I was stopping by your blog from Kelly's Korner and was browsing through all of your Colorado posts, which I must mention are amazing. These photos are beautiful! I can only imagine how peaceful your parents cabin is to visit! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!