Wednesday, June 29, 2011


O.M.G. I have a serious addiction. I know I’ve rambled on about my Pinterest love before but I’m not sure anyone really understands my infatuation.

I can find all of my favorite things on Pinterest

DIY Ideas
Kiddo Projects
Home Décor
Sewing Inspiration
All things beautiful and fabulous.

My problem with Pinterest is I find all of this great stuff and get super motivated to start a new project but I never actually start the project. So I thought that if I prioritize some of the fun projects I want to complete maybe (just maybe) I will actually get my butt in gear!!

1. Address Wreath.  Our front door is so naked.  Always has been.  I'm thinking this address wreath is the perfect thing to spruce it up a bit.

2. Entryway table. I have a table that is almost identical to this one.  The difference is mine is a scuffed up black version and I'm in love with the Antiqued cottage-white version.  While I'm at it, I love this "house rules" sign too...

3. Cupcake onsie.  How ridiculously cute is this??? There isn't a tutorial but it looks really simple. It is listed on etsy for $22.50.  I already have unused onsies and fabric scraps.  Hello free project!

4.  Appliqued daily dish clothes.  Projects really don't get any easier than this.  I love how simple and cute these are!

5. My reward for all of this hard fun work??? Strawberry mojito.  YUM.

Ok, my goal is to finish the address wreath this weekend.  If it turns out cute (finger's crossed) I'll share a few pictures!  I may need to sample the strawberry mojitos as well :)

If you want to join Pinterest let me know!  If you have a referral you can join immediately, otherwise it takes a few weeks.  I promise you will love it. 


  1. Would you send me a referral? I keeping hearing how great Pinterest is, but haven't taken the plunge yet. :)


  2. OMG...I love the wreath idea!!! I could totally do that! What great ideas! I've looked at the site a little and thought it was really cool! I would love to join---IF it's free--sign me up!