Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I think I may be inventing words again but Avery has definitely reached full-blown toddlerhood.  If you've never experienced "toddlerhood" let me explain.... it is one part energy, one part curiosity and one part silliness. Toddlerhood has resulted in some interesting new discoveries around our house. 

Turns out cowboy boots are a great storage place for mom's toiletries.  Who knew?? Apparently Avery.

There really isn't anything more interesting or fun than opening and closing doors.  Added bonus if you lock someone out of the room. 

Bottles are for babies.  Not toddlers. 

We are officially weaned from bottles!! Hurray!!!

With that said, she found her daycare backpack that was FULL of bottles.  It was a tad bit traumatic but once she realized she could just carry the bottle backpack around the house with her life was good again.

Pushing anything and everything is our new favorite pastime. I have a feeling these bar stools will spend a surprisingly small amount of time at the bar.

It is super fun to go into mom and dad's closet and bring out all kinds of random things to show them.  Bringing mommy's high heels results in trying them out and realizing they really aren't that much fun.

Phew, this toddlerhood stuff is super entertaining and a bit exhausting too.  Wouldn't trade it for the world :)


  1. love this post! they grow too fast :( time for another!!!

  2. loved these moments...write everything down!!!! :)

  3. Love all these pictures...oh, and LOVED her cute little outfit today! I got a big hug when I saw her at Regina's this morning!

  4. Toddler hood is so fun!! Very cute post!